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Recommended Reading

Early Metalwork:

A Study Collection of Marked Domestic Brass and other Base Metalware c.1600-c.1900, by Roderick Butler, 2001.

Antique Brass Candlesticks 1450-1750, by John Robert Grove, 1967.

Birmingham Brass Candlesticks, by Jean M. Burks, 1986.

Candlesticks, G. Dallas Coons Candlestick Collection, publication from the Valentine Museum, by Rupert Gentle (co-author), 1975.

Collecting Antique Copper & Brass, by Peter Hornsby, 1989.

Decorative Antique Ironwork, by Henry René D'Allemagne, 1968.

Domestic Metalwork 1640-1820, by Rupert Gentle and Rachael Feild, revised and enlarged by Belinda Gentle, 1994. Revision of:
English Domestic Brass, 1680-1810 and the History of its Origins, by Rupert Gentle & Rachael Feild, London, 1975.

English Candlesticks before 1600, by W. G. Mackay Thomas, London, 1954.

Fire & Light in the home, pre-1820, by John Caspall, 1987.

Iron at Winterthur, by Donald L. Fennimore, 2004.

Koper & Brons, by Onno ter Kuile, 1986.

Lighting in the Domestic Interior, Renaissance to Art Nouveau, by Jonathan Bourne and Vanessa Brett, London, 1991.

Messing, ein Handbuch über Messinggerät des 15.-17.Jahrhunderts, by Hermann P. Lockner, 1982.

Metalwork in Early America, copper and its alloys, by Donald L. Fennimore, 1996.

Old Domestic Base-Metal Candlesticks, by Ronald F. Michaelis, 1978.

Paktong, the Chinese Alloy in Europe 1680-1820, by Keith Pinn, 1999,

The Brass Book, American, English and European, Fifteenth Century through 1850, by Peter, Nancy and Herbert Schiffer, 1978.

The English Candlestick 1425-1925, by Eloy Koldeweij, 2001.

The Lear Collection, a study of copper-alloy socket candlesticks, A.D. 200-1700, by Christopher Bangs, London, 1995.

19th & 20th century Metalwork:

Archibald Knox, by Stephen A. Martin (Ed.), London, 1995.

Art Nouveau Domestic Metalwork from Wűrttembergische Metallwarenfabrik, by Graham Dry, Reprint 1906 English Catalogue, Antique Collectors' Club, Woodbridge, 1988.

Arts and Crafts metalwork and silver, by Wissinger & Seelen, London, 1994.

Christopher Dresser, by Stuart Durant, 1993.

CFA Voysey, by Wendy Hitchmough, 1995.

Friedrich Adler zwischen Jugendstil und Art Deco, by Brigitte Leonhardt, Norbert Götz & Dieter Zühlsdorff, Stuttgart, 1994.

Jewelry and Metalwork in the Arts & Crafts Tradition, by Elyse Zorn Karlin, 1993.

Kayserzinn Musterbuch 1907, by G.P. Woeckel, 1982.

Kayserzinn und andere Zinngeräte des Jugendstils, by Helmut Hentrich & Julian Heynen, 1984.

Metallkunst, Silber-Kupfer-Messing-Zinn, (Kunst vom Jugendstil zur Moderne (1889-1939), by Karl Bröhan (Ed.), Berlin, 1990.

Orivit : Zinn des Jugendstils aus Koln, by C. Döge, 1992.

Reflections : Arts and Crafts Metalwork in England and the United States, by Catherine Kurland and Lori Zabar, New York, 1990.

The Designs of Archibald Knox for Liberty & Co, by Adrian Tilbrook, 1995.

The Liberty Metalwork Venture, by Shirley Bury, Architectural Review feb/march 1963, pp.108-111. Also by her: New light on the Liberty Metalwork venture, Bulletin of the Decorative Arts Society, Brighton, 1975.

Truth, Beauty, and Design, Victorian and Edwardian and later decorative art, by Adrian Tilbrook (Ed.), Fisher Fine Art Gallery, London, 1986.

Urania, by Jan C.G. Kwint, 2001.

WMF : Glas – Keramik – Metall, 1925-1950, by Jörg Schwandt, Berlin, 1980.

Zinn des Jugendstils 1. Firma J.P.Kayser Sohn, Krefeld, aus des Sammlung Giorgio Silzer, by Eckart Wagner, 1996.

Early metalware: 15th to early 19th-century metalware, such as brass candlesticks and domestic metalwork.

early metalware

Modern Metalware:

Art Nouveau pewterware, metalwork and 20th-century design metalwork.



Modern metalware

Cheap and cheerful: antique metalware for an attractive price!

cheap & cheerful

The Bellemetal company is run by Vivianne as head of sales and communication. She is also the IT manager and is an expert in Art Nouveau pewter.

Communication and Sales manager

Tony is the metalware expert and knows just about everything there is to know about antique metalware objects. He owns an extensive library and is responsible for the acquisitions.

Acquisitions and metalware expert

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A list of recommended reading on antique metalware. We own all books ourselves, so please let us know if you need any information.

Recommended reading

Information on antique metalware and other news.

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